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Tycho/Release Notes/1.5

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Tycho 1.5.0-SNAPSHOT is currently in development. To try out the most recent snapshot build, simply add the following snippet to your (parent) pom.xml or settings.xml, and set the property for the Tycho version (e.g. tycho-version) to 1.5.0-SNAPSHOT.


SNAPSHOT site docs

Refer to the latest SNAPSHOT site docs for Tycho and Tycho Extras.

New and Noteworthy

Complete list of bug fixes and enhancements in 1.5.0-SNAPSHOT

FreeBSD support

bug 549689 adds support for FreeBSD platform in RCP product definitions.

Thread stack traces dump before forkedProcessTimeoutInSeconds timeout occurs

The parameter forkedProcessTimeoutInSeconds can be specified to kill the process which runs tests (also prior to Tycho 1.5.0). With the change for bug 542876, a few minutes before the process is killed due to this timeout, thread stack traces are dumped in the test log. I.e. when a timeout occurs (e.g. due to a deadlock) the logs would now contain some indication of which code causes the timeout.

A Mojo to list dependencies

bug 547269 introduces a new org.eclipse.tycho.extras:tycho-dependency-tools-plugin:list-dependencies mojo that can list the bundles resulting of dependency resolution for Tycho projects.

This differs from dependency:list in that the later one lists the classpath which may include nested jars instead of required bundle.

The default output file is target/dependenct-list.txt, lists of absolute paths to required bundles and is suitable to use with the application.

Noteworthy item

Description, link to bug bug 123456, if necessary link to dedicated documentation, if useful include examples.

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