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Tycho/Release Notes/1.1

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Tycho 1.1.0-SNAPSHOT is currently in development. To try out the most recent snapshot build, simply add the following snippet to your (parent) pom.xml or settings.xml, and set the property for the Tycho version (e.g. tycho-version) to 1.1.0-SNAPSHOT.


SNAPSHOT site docs

Refer to the latest SNAPSHOT site docs for Tycho and Tycho Extras.

New and Noteworthy

Complete list of bug fixes and enhancements in 1.1.0

Java 9


  • the JDT compiler shipped with Tycho has been updated to Photon M4
  • Compilation both using Java 9 as well as using previous Java versions but compiling against Java 9 ( with useJDK=BREE) is supported now
  • Changes for useJDK=BREE:
    • Usage of a JRE directory JAVA_HOME/jre in toolchains.xml is still supported but deprecated in favour of simply using JAVA_HOME. In particular, JAVA_HOME is expected by other maven plugins integrated with toolchains.xml


  • plexus-archiver was updated to version 3.4 (bug 514119)
  • commons-compress was updated to version 1.15 (bug 514119)


  • Tycho's embedded OSGi runtime has been updated to use Equinox and p2 from Oxygen.2 (bug 519040)

Release and Versioning

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