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<div id="versionNav" class="alert alert-small alert-warning">[[Tycho/Release Notes/0.23|&lt; Previous Version]] | Next Version &gt;</div>  
<div id="versionNav" class="alert alert-small alert-warning">[[Tycho/Release Notes/0.23|&lt; Previous Version]] | Next Version &gt;</div>  
== Staged release ==
Tycho 0.24.0 is currently staged for release. To try it out, simply add the following snippet to your (parent) pom.xml or settings.xml, and set the property for the Tycho version (e.g. <tt>tycho-version</tt>) to <tt>0.24.0</tt>.
== New and Noteworthy ==
== New and Noteworthy ==

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New and Noteworthy

Complete list of bug fixes and enhancements in 0.24.0

POM-less Tycho builds

    • Add a .mvn/extensions.xml descriptor to the root of your build:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    • While trying the staged version, above snippet with the staged repo must be added to your settings.xml. Adding it to parent pom.xml won't work because core extensions are evaluated before any pom is parsed.
    • The parent pom for features and plugins must reside in the parent directory
    • features and plugins do not require pom.xml anymore. If no pom.xml is provided, the maven project model is derived as follows:
      • groupId: inherited from parent
      • arifactId: Bundle-SymbolicName from META-INF/MANIFEST.MF or feature id from feature.xml
      • version: Bundle-Version from META-INF/MANIFEST.MF or feature version from feature.xml (with .qualifier suffix replaced by -SNAPSHOT)
      • packaging:
        • eclipse-plugin if META-INF/MANIFEST.MF found
        • eclipse-feature if feature.xml found
        • eclipse-test-plugin if Bundle-SymbolicName ending with .tests found in META-INF/MANIFEST.MF
    • At minimum a parent (and aggregator) pom is still required which configures Tycho, the modules to build, the p2 repositories used etc. as this cannot be derived from feature.xml or MANIFEST.MF
    • you can still use pom.xml for plugins and features in case you want to configure more than the above defaults
    • See the sample build used by the integration tests
    • Note that if you are using tycho-versions-plugin for consistently changing versions in MANIFEST.MF/feature.xml and pom.xml, support for pom-less builds is still missing for this plugin (bug 472579)


  • The build will now fail with a clear error message when trying to build a MacOS product with native launchers against Luna or earlier (as opposed to of silently producing a broken product installation) (bug 463670). Also, the bundled ".app" filesystem layout for MacOSX product installs is now automatically enabled since it is the only layout that works. No need to configure an installation root folder ending with ".app" for MacOSX anymore (bug 461606).
  • The version of p2 bundled with Tycho has been updated to Mars.1 (bug 480216)

compare-version-with-baselines mojo

org.eclipse.tycho.extras:tycho-p2-extras-plugin plugin features a new compare-version-with-baselines mojo that allows to verify that the version of the just-build artifacts doesn't break some basic rules of OSGi versioning. It will make the build of your artifact fail if:

  • artifact has lower version than what exists in baseline
  • artifact has same major.minor.micro version than what exists in baseline
  • artifact has same fully qualified (major.minor.micro.qualifier version) than what exists in baseline, but with different binary content.

This is used in order to guarantee necessary version bumps have been applied, and this is compliant with the Tycho/Reproducible Version Qualifiers strategy.

See IT tests for an example of usage.


  • The versions of Equinox and JDT compiler bundled with Tycho have been updated to Mars.1 (bug 480216)
  • JGit was updated to version 4.0.1 (bug 472455)

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