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Tycho 0.11.1 fixes one additional [ bug].
Tycho 0.11.1 fixes one additional [ bug].
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Revision as of 09:47, 14 July 2011

The Tycho 0.11.0 release mainly includes fixes for a long list of bugs.

Additionally, the implementation of eclipse-repository was improved significantly: Instead of just copying artifacts and calling the features and bundles publisher (like in eclipse-repository 0.10, and all versions of eclipse-update-site), the existing p2 metadata of the artifacts is reused. With the "native" p2 data flow implemented in Tycho, two new features could also be added:

  • Root files can be included with features (see documentation here)
  • eclipse-repository can build self-contained p2 repositories (see documentation here)

Tycho 0.11.1 fixes one additional bug.

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