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Tycho/Contributor Guide

How to contribute patches to Tycho

First, read Developing Tycho .

If you want to do an enhancement but don't know where to start or if it's going in the right direction, just ask on [[1]] and we will help. If the patch is not trivial, make sure you include a test case that reproduces the bug or proves that the ehhancement works.

Writing Tests

Tycho has two types of tests: unit tests (locally in each module) and a global integration test suite in tycho-its.

Unit tests are preferred if possible because they are in general much faster and better targeted at the functionality under test. Integration tests generally use maven to build a sample project and then do some assertions on the build output.

See examples for unit tests and integration tests.

Patch Format

We prefer git patches created with [git format-patch] since they preserve a commit message as well as author information. This gives you the credit you deserve in the git history.

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