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TweetHub is a rich user interface built over the Twitter provider using RCP.


The following is a list of requirements for both the UI and provider levels

User Interface

  • Provide the following views:
    • Tweet (send message)
    • Replies
    • Direct Messages
    • Sent Messages
    • Favourites
    • People
      • Following
      • Followers
    • Groups
    • Search
  • On mouseover of a shortened link, show the full link in a tooltip. (Maybe provide an option for this)
  • Perhaps provide a view of sent/recieved links?
  • Provide a Translate option through Google Translate?
  • Allow multiple accounts
  • Trends - not sure how necessary this is!

Avatar actions Whereever the avatar appears allow:

  • RT, Reply and DM.
  • Tooltip displaying profile

Tweet View

  • Tab completion in the Tweet view for all @ addressed users in your follow lists
  • Provide a URL shortening service in the tweet view


  • Mark new tweets/read tweets
  • Notification of new tweets, and new additions to search


  • Change the client name from Twitter4J to TweetHub

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