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===Where to get it===
===Where to get it===
TweetHub is hosted at CVS server at http://ecf1.osuosl.org
TweetHub is hosted at [https://github.com/ECF/Twitter https://github.com/ECF/Twitter]
Anonymous CVS info: :pserver:anonymous@ecf1.osuosl.org:/ecf

Latest revision as of 05:22, 20 November 2010

TweetHub is a rich user interface built over the ECF Twitter provider using RCP.


[edit] Where to get it

TweetHub is hosted at https://github.com/ECF/Twitter


  • ECF twitter provider: plugins/org.eclipse.ecf.provider.twitter
  • TwitterHub UI: plugins/org.eclipse.ecf.provider.twitter.ui.hub
  • RCP product: plugins/org.eclipse.ecf.provider.twitter.ui.hub.product

A detailed description how to get TweetHub can be found here: http://www.vogella.de/blog/2009/08/10/eclipse-twitter/

[edit] To file a bug

Go to bugzilla(ECF) here and select "ecf.twitterhub" as component.

[edit] Requirements

The following is a list of requirements for both the UI and provider levels

[edit] User Interface

  • Provide the following views:
    • Tweet (send message)
      • Shorten the text as you type (Eat up vowels to reduce message length).
    • Mentions
    • Direct Messages
      • Auto Reply? (I'm away on vacation)
    • Sent Messages
    • Favourites
    • People
      • Following
      • Followers
      • Stalk (follow without adding to "follow" list)
    • Groups
    • Search
    • Trends - not sure how necessary this is!

Avatar actions Whereever the avatar appears allow:

  • RT, Reply and DM.
  • Tooltip displaying profile

Tweet View

  • Tab completion in the Tweet view for all @ addressed users in your follow lists
  • Provide a URL shortening service in the tweet view (e.g., tr.im)
  • Provide a picture service in the tweet view (e.g., pic.im)


  • Mark new tweets/read tweets
  • Notification of new tweets, and new additions to search
  • On mouseover of a shortened link, show the full link in a tooltip. (Maybe provide an option for this)
    • Likewise for photo links, show thumbnail on mouseover.
  • Perhaps provide a view of sent/recieved links?
  • Provide a Translate option through Google Translate?
  • Allow multiple accounts
  • Spell checker?
  • Support multiple microblogging services (identi.ca & private laconi.ca servers, others)
  • Shorten URL
  • Image upload (copy/paste, auto-upload to twitpic, other svc.)


  • Update rate (keep in mind the Twitter API call limit of 100 per hour)
  • Autologin
  • System tray integration?

[edit] Provider

  • Change the client name from Twitter4J to TweetHub

[edit] Plan

Currently we're working on part 1 of the plan. Help is welcome for any of the features below. Just let us know on the ecf mailing list, and we can put your name next to the feature.

[edit] Part 0: Public Beta Build

We're days away from our first release of TweetHub. Here are the tasks that we want to do before we send it out.

Before We Release

  • Add in preferences for the amount of API calls. Every view that gets populated = 1 call. And a Tweet is another call. We need a clever preferences page so that the user can balance this.
  • Show follower count
  • Get more than 100 followers
  • Get more than 15 search results
  • Allow access to older messages in all views
  • Show trends in a nicer way
  • System tray notification
  • Update message timestamps on a timer (every minute)
  • Track down Auto-refresh memory issues
  • Provide a build for users to download a complete TweetHub version

[edit] Part 1: The Basics

  • Add in the direct messages. Provider, View and How to Send.
  • Also should split Sent/Recieved DMs
  • Populate the trends view.
  • Show all Followers/Following rather than just 100
  • Get more than just 15 search results.
  • Save Search so that it can restart. Perhaps allow more than one search?
  • Update search results periodically (User preference)
  •  Add in buttons in the Message Composite to mark as favourite or to follow the user.
  • Add in a View User link in the Follower/Following view so that we can open their Twitter page in a browser (to save API calls)
  •  Finally I need to contact Twitter to register TweetHub as a valid client. I plan to do that soon.
  •  Add a cool splash screen. I have an idea, I just need to get around to using Photoshop :-)
  • I think we may need more detail in the Message composite (e.g. in reply to...
  • I'd like to add in Mylyn-type notifications on the task bar
  • Multiple user support, so that if I have two Twitter accounts I can have both open.. Maybe that needs to wait :)
  • Perhaps we should persist the follower/following list on the users disk. This would make the application appear to open faster.


  • Access Sent Messages
  • Group functionality
  • Favourite functionality
  • Seperate Following and Followers [Done]


  • Send Direct Message

Better formatting of Tweet box

  • Link #tags with search
  • Mark as favourite
  • Direct Messages View [Done]
  • View following/followers [Done]
  • View profile in tooltip[Done]
  • Replies View[Done]
  • Search [Done]
  • Add cache functionality (especially for images)[Done]
  • Gets profile image from message (don't depend on Follow lists)[Done]
  • Allow sending of tweets [Done]
  • Retweet [Done]
  • Reply [Done]
  • Decorate @tags with link [Done]
  • URL Shorten [Done]

[edit] Bugs in Part 1

  • Need to sort messages by timestamp bug 277294(James)
  • Separate Following and Followers bug 277291 (Marcelo)
  • User images in MessagesViewPart are not always showing bug 279126 (Vincenzo)
  • User images in SearchViewPart are not showing at first search bug 279206 (Francesco)

[edit] Part 2: User Assistance

  • Tab completion in the Tweet view for all @ addressed users in your follow lists
  • Mark new/read tweets
  • Picture service/image uploading
  • Trends
  • Groups
  • Favourites
  • Preferences page
  • System Tray Integration (Notifications)

[edit] Part 3: Killer Features

  • Multiple user accounts
  • Spellchecker
  • Space saver (eat up vowels)
  • On mouseover of a shortened link, show the full link in a tooltip. (Maybe provide an option for this)
  • Translate option through Google Translate

[edit] Part 4: Zero Install

  • RAP Implementation of TweetHub