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Trying Out Maya

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Things you'll need

Note: The Derby ui plugin is not required but makes it easier to use Derby in eclipse. Also the steps that are outlined here will be using the ui plugin.

Next Steps

  1. Install the Derby Core and UI plug-ins to your runtime plug-ins directory
    • Download derby_core_plugin and derby_ui_plugin (not the derby binary bundles)
    • Place the files in your eclipse/plugins directory
  2. Install the Sun JRE 1.6 (if not already installed)
    • Note: Needed for testing of Maya when automatic VM distribution is enabled (currently default)
  3. Start Eclipse, download from Eclipse.org if needed
    • Note: We've tested with 3.3M6 and M7, you must use a version that includes the new Jetty service
  4. Import Maya's Getting Started team project set (maya-with-derby.psf)
    • Use Import > Team > Team Project Set and browse to the PSF file
    • You will get build errors until you complete later steps
  5. Add Hibernate Jars to org.eclipse.maya.server.example.hibernate project
    • Place Hibernate files in the org.eclipse.maya.server.example.hibernate/lib folder.
    • Copy Jars from the downloaded hibernate zip's top-level directory:
      • hibernate3.jar
    • Copy Jars from the downloaded hibernate zip's lib directory:
      • antlr-2.7.6.jar
      • asm.jar
      • asm-attrs.jar
      • c3p0-0.9.1.jar
      • cglib-2.1.3.jar
      • commons-collections-2.1.1.jar
      • dom4j-1.6.1.jar
      • jta.jar
    • Once Jars in place, all build errors should go away
  6. Start the Derby network server
    • Right click in the org.eclipse.maya.server.example.db project and choose Apache Derby > Start Derby Network Server
  7. Create zip file of the Sun 1.6.0 JRE and place in JRE folder
    • On Windows navigate to the directory where there is folders like bin & lib and some other files and create a zip file just containing those files
    • Place that in the JRE folder for your os in the org.eclipse.maya.server.example.db plug-ins (Note: the file must be named jre_1.6.0.zip)
  8. Build Update Site for the Maya software
    • Open the site.xml located in the update_site folder of the org.eclipse.maya.server.example.db project click Build All
  9. Start the Maya Web Server
    • Run the server using the launch config Maya Server (Win)
  10. Prepare the Maya Database including initial population
    • Run using the Prepare Maya Database launch config
    • Part of preparation includes running update site sync which can take 10-60 minutes depending on network connection
  11. Run the Maya Launcher via Bootstrap
    • Launch the Java Bootstrap launch config from the Run... menu