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Tools PMC Meeting 2010-12-22

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Time: 2:00 PM Eastern

Conference number: North America 1 866-842-3549, Ottawa 613-787-5018, Passcode: 6046633

  • If passcode is not recognized. After the third failure, you will be transferred to an operator who will ask for the conference ID (6046633), sponsoring company (IBM) and meeting organizer (Anthony Hunter).
  • Pressing *0 will bring you directly to an operator.


  • Doug Schaefer, David Williams


  • What's up with (re)using other project's namespaces? Anything left to discuss?
Doug and I agreed its primarily up to JDT (in this case) to complain, but we discussed concerns about the general case and what ObjectTeams was doing about this case, and wondered if we should invite them to a PMC meeting to discuss outlook/plans?
  • Why isn't the new "performance tools" proposal in TPTP? Suspect we know the reason but should we assume too much?
It is no longer a "maybe" ... TPTP has an official news item (from 11/15) that they do plan to archive top level project.
  • Action Item: dw to ask on proposal pages what package names new windowsbuilder and perf tools project plan to use (we hope they plan to convert to "org.eclipse....".
  • Action Item: dw to ask (encourage?) if VE project should get to good "stopping point" and then join forces with windowBuilder efforts ... maybe provide bridge/migration tools? Just to ask.
  • Proposed next year's December meeting be held on second Wednesday of December, instead of the fourth Wednesday ... December 14, instead of December 28! :)

Next Meeting

  • January 26th, 2011


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