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Tip of the Day/Startup Options

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Startup Options

These are the options to control the Tips framework.

Property Description Values This is the default tips startup option if the user has not set the startup preference.
  • "dialog" - Tip providers may do background work and the dialog is shown at startup if there are tips to read.
  • "background" - Tip providers may do background work but no dialog is shown
  • "disable"- The framework does not start. Dialog and fetching is done only when the user opens the dialog through a button or menu. The location where the tips framework will save its state. If not specified then ${user.home}/.eclipse/ a location in the filesystem e.g. /home/user/mystate Puts the framework in debug mode, all messages will be placed in the error log.
  • "false" or not specified - Debug mode is off
  • other value - Debug mode is on Prints all messages in the console
  • "false" or not specified - Console log mode is off
  • other value - Console log mode is on
tips.test Used by the examples plugin to load additional providers.
  • any value - Additional providers will be loaded in the examples plugin to overload the provider slider

Plugin Customization

For products there is also the option to supply a plugin customization file. On the command line supply the following parameter:

-pluginCustomization /path/to/file

Inside the file specify disabled providers and/or the default startup option.<comma separated list of provider ID's><dialog|background|disable>

See here how plugin customizations are processed

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