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Tip of the Day

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The Eclipse Tip of the Day framework enables users to see Eclipse Tips during startup and enable extenders to provide tips for their specific bundles.

The TOTD UI looks like this:

Tips main.png

TipProviders are selected based on their importance in the current context. For example, if the Java perspective is open, you are likely to get Java tips. If the PDE perspective is open, you are likely to get PDE tips.


The framework can be installed with this link


Extending IDE Tips

Extenders are able to provide a TipProvider class that can serve Tip objects. Each Tip can provide a link to a website OR a HTML description and an Image URL.

Wiki Tips

Tips can be retrieved from the Eclipse Wiki. The TipProvider may read tip URLs from a page and create Tip objects from a link. Examples in the framework provide tips from the following page:

Tip of the Day/Eclipse Tips

Twitter Tips

Tips can be retrieved from Twitter using the embedded link.

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