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The TOTD UI looks like this:
The TOTD UI looks like this:

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The Eclipse Tip of the Day framework enables users to see Eclipse Tips during startup and enable extenders to provide tips for their specific bundles.

The TOTD UI looks like this:

Tips main.png

TipProviders are selected based on their importance in the current context. For example, if the Java perspective is open, you are likely to get Java tips. If the PDE perspective is open, you are likely to get PDE tips.


The Tip of the Day feature is available in the nightly builds. After restart the framework should fetch some data from the downloads area and present 4 tip providers with new tips.

Early testing feedback on bug 534347

  1. Help/Install new software
  2. Add this repo
  3. Uncheck "Group Items by Category"
  4. Search for Tips
  5. Install and restart.


Extending Tip of the Day

Extenders are able to use and extension point that provides a TipProvider subclass to serve Tip objects. Tips can be read from a JSon file or can be manually crafted. In the latter case you create tips from HTML, and URL or have complete freedom by providing an SWT tip.

Startup Options

The Tips can be controlled by some startup options.


The read state of the tips is maintained in the ${user.home}/.eclipse directory. You will find multiple files per provider that contain the read tips. You may edit these files manually, erase them or erase the whole directory.

Dialog settings are maintained in the configuration are of the workspace. These can be set through the Tip dialog. We do not maintain a preference page.

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