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Tigerstripe Tutorials

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Tigerstripe Modeling

Model Import/Export

Model Annotations

  • The Define Tigerstripe Annotations article presents a example end-to-end from defining a new Annotation Type to accessing the annotation values from a generator template.

Code Generation

Tigerstripe Profiles

Buckminster Integration

  • The Buckminster Integration Tutorial describes how to assemble a modeling workspace with the help of Buckminster.
  • The Tigerstripe Buckminster Actions reference describes the Actions that are available with the Tigerstripe Buckminster plug-in. There is also a tutorial that will demonstrate the usage of a Tigerstripe/Buckminster Action.
  • The Tigerstripe/Buckminster Headless Configuration entry details the assembly of a minimal Eclipse installation containing all of the dependencies required for using Tigerstripe in conjunction with Buckminster in a headless environment.

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