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Tigerstripe Tips-n-Tricks

This page hosts a set of articles about Tigerstripe Workbench.

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Tigerstripe Annotations Framework

How-to create and register a new annotation scheme

The Tigerstripe Annotation Framework is a mechanism to annotate any artifact in a Tigerstripe model to drive code generation. As opposed to typical Stereotypes, Annotations are not stored in the model itself. As a result, annotations can be kept, distributed and maintained separately from the model itself, without cluttering it.

To see an example of how you can define your own annotation scheme and use it against Eclipse resource, Java elements or Tigerstripe artifacts, read the Define Tigerstripe Annotations article.

Integrate Tigerstripe Annotations

The Tigerstripe Annotation Framework is completely generic and has no dependency on Tigerstripe itself. In fact, the Tigerstripe Annotation Feature can be installed without other Tigerstripe components and will allow to annotate Eclipse Workspace resources and Java Elements out of the box (see section above to define an annotation scheme).

Integrating the annotation framework with any other source can be done through a few steps. This article, "Integrating Tigerstripe Annotations", will highlight the details.

Tigerstripe Generation Plugins

Use Objects (not classes) to drive generation

Since the very early nightly builds of the 0.3 Stream, it is possible to create M0-Generation Plugins that allow to generate content based on the instances (M0-Level) of opposed to Classes (M1-Level).

For more information about this please visit the Tigerstripe M0-Based Generation article.

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