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Tigerstripe Release Naming

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For convenience, we are now using release codenames for releases.

The current theme for names is "named local winds". We intent to use this theme until Tigerstripe graduates out of incubation. The tentative release map is as follows:

Release Names
Version Name Description
0.4 Alize Northeasterly across central africa and the caribbean
0.5 Bora Northeasterly from eastern Europe to northeastern Italy
0.6 Chinook Warm dry westerly off the Rock Mountains
0.7 Shamal Kurdish term, signifying a summer northwesterly wind blowing over Iraq and the Persian Gulf States
0.8 Sirocco Southerly from north Africa to southern France
0.9 Zonda on the eastern slope of the Andes in Argentina

A list of named local winds can be found on Wikipedia: [1]