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Tigerstripe FAQ

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Welcome to the official Tigerstripe FAQ.

Tigerstripe Overview

Tigerstripe Workbench provides an integrated Model-Driven Engineering framework allowing users to create/edit/maintain models across large teams, configure transformations to code, documentation or specifications and integrate it in a continuous build environment.

What is the relationship with Tigerstripe Software?

This is the open-source incarnation of Tigerstripe Workbench as it was distributed by ex-Tigerstripe Software. In January'07 the source code for Tigerstripe was cleaned up and contributed to the Tigerstripe Eclipse Project as a sub-project of the Eclipse Technology Project.

What's up with version numbers?

The last non-open source version of Tigerstripe Workbench was released as v2.2.4 on This was a stop gap release for existing users of Tigerstripe until the first open-source releases were made available. Additionally, following Eclipse Guidelines, Tigerstripe release numbering needs to comply with Eclipse rules. In particular, during the incubation period only 0.xx versions can be released.

So, although the contributed code remains the same, the first open-source build (Incubation 0.1) corresponds to a bugfix release for the last non-open release (v2.2.4). ==What is

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