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Tigerstripe Extension Points

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Tigerstripe Extension Points

Tigerstripe supports a number of Extension points which can be used to implement site specific behaviour.


Pattern Based Artifact Creation : Use this extension point to specify the " style" of artifacts that can be created from the wizard. You can add default sterotypes, annotations, fields etc to your artifacts, as well as change icons and disable other patterns.

Custom Audit Rules : Use this to implement rules that are specific to your install (eg audit adherence to your project naming conventions).

Tigerstripe Custom Naming Rules : Use this to implement naming conventions that are specific to your install (eg to specify associationEnd names based on the entities to which they are connected).

Tigerstripe Profile Contribution : Use this to "contribute" a Workbench Profile that will become the "Factory Default" profile. You can also choose to prompt users each time they start a session that is not using this profile, giving them the option of returning to defaults.

Tigerstripe Generators Contribution : Use this to contribute a Tigerstripe Generator. The Generator is wrapped up in an eclipse plugin (so can be updated from an update site etc). Generators contributed in this manner are not changeable by the user but can be overridden locally, and can also be usefully debugged (including Java code) using an eclipse runtime.

UML2 Import

UML Import Model Trimmer : Can be used to select subsets of the imported file (eg by ignoring elements with "private" Stereotypes).

UML Import Model Mapper  : Can be used to specify how UML2 Classes map to Tigerstripe Artifacts (eg using Stereotypes to drive the mapping).

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