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Tigerstripe APIs

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This page contains a set of examples and resources about Tigerstripe APIs.

'Note: all Tigerstripe APIs are undergoing major refactoring to ensure they are following Eclipse conventions and patterns, and make use of all appropriate other Eclipse project (e.g. EMF). Watch for examples below that highlight whether they are based on a part of the API that should be considered stable at this current time.

Tigerstripe Infrastructure API (I-API)

The Tigerstripe I-API is concerned with creating and maintaining Tigerstripe projects and their components. In particular, this will include:

  • Project creation, whether they are Model projects or Generation Plugin projects,
  • Profile creation and maintenance,
  • Facet creation and maintenance,
  • Project generation,
  • etc...

The javadoc will be made available online shortly.

  1. Snippet: Create Tigerstripe Model Project

Tigerstripe Model API (M-API)

The Tigerstripe M-API deals with the model itself:

  • Creation/Maintenance of all types of Tigerstripe Model Repositories (Pojo, XMI, Modules, etc...)
  • Creation/Maintenance of model content, i.e. the artifacts themselves, etc.
  • Metamodel Extension Management.

Note: the M-API is undergoing major re-factoring to use EMF natively as opposed to a proprietary version.

  1. Snippet: Create Model Artifacts
  2. Snippet: Work with Model Artifacts