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TigerstripeF2F 20080716

< To: Tigerstripe Face2Face Meetings

Agenda to be defined. We will work out a schedule on site based on the candidate topics below.

Candidate Topics

versioning/distribution of generators on website

Bugzilla review

XMI Import/export vs. UML import/export

Componentized model issues

  • Annotations definitions link-issues in Tigerstripe generators
  • Annotations in Facets: Enhancement to do inclusions and exclusions based on annotations is currently in progress. Functionality has been tested with JUnit, but not included in UI at this point. Facet xml file stores inclusion or exclusion patterns using annotation id (pkg + name of EMF class). An audit will be required.
  • Abstract Associations: Abstract Associations and abstract Associations Classes are not going to be walked through during facet resolution. If a concrete subclass is defined in a facet scope and pulled in the abstract parent was also included. Now that we generate with multiple projects we don't necessarily see abstract parent. This issue has been resolved to walk associations in both cases.
  • Facet Properties: Dynamic meta-data defined in facets to be accessible from generators (name value pairs). Generator would expect entries from facets and process accordingly.

IPackageArtifact adapters (Bug 240246)

Package representation in class diagrams (GMF re-gen)

Status of UI Testing and inclusion in automated builds

Annotation API on IModelComponents

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