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(Primary goals)
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[[Image:Progress.gif]] Work in progress
[[Image:Progress.gif]] Work in progress
[[Image:Ok_green.gif]] Bug fixed (JDT 3.6 I-Builds)
[[Image:Ok_green.gif]] Bug fixed (CVS / Builds)

Revision as of 07:38, 27 April 2010

Project Lead: Benjamin Muskalla (IRC: benny`work)

Mentor: Rüdiger Herrmann

This project is part of the Google Summer of Code 2010


The theming infrastructure of RAP experienced several enhancements over the past two release cycles. Currently users of RAP have to struggle with the CSS-based theme files with a simple text editor in order to create sophisticated themes. The editor should support general features like content assist for elements, selectors and states. In addition, more advanced features as a quick outline or custom widget integration should be part of the editor.

Primary goals


Glass.gif Needs some investigation/research

Progress.gif Work in progress

Ok green.gif Bug fixed (CVS / Builds)

Glass.gif Source Highlighting

Glass.gif Content Assist


Here is a complete list of the milestones and release candidates planned for this plugin.

Milestone Date Planned items
M1 May 5 TBD
M2 May 26 TBD
M3 June 21 TBD
M4 July 3 TBD
M5 July 17 TBD
RC1 August 2 TBD
Pencils down August 10 -

Community Involvement

Getting the source

The theme editor will be developed as part of the official RAP tooling. See the RAP CVS page for more informations.

Open issues

To see all the open issues and feature requests of this project, take a look at this query.

New ideas

Do you have a great idea for the refactoring? Just open a new feature request.