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The initial contents for these FAQ pages has come from The Offical Eclipse 3.0 FAQs written by John Arthorne and Chris Laffra.

Permission to publish the FAQ book contents here has been graciously offered by Addison-Wesley, publishers of the official Eclipse Series which wouldn't be possible without the great help from Greg Doench.

Part I -- The Eclipse Ecosystem

The Eclipse Community

Getting Started

Java Development in Eclipse

Plug-In Development Environment

Part II -- The Rich Client Platform

All about Plug-ins

Runtime Facilities

Standard Widget Toolkit (SWT)


Generic Workbench

Perspectives and Views

Generic Editors

Actions, Commands, and Activities

Building Your Own Application

Productizing an Eclipse Offering

Part III -- The Eclipse IDE Platform

Text Editors

Help, Search, and Compare

Workspace and Resources API

Workbench IDE

Implementing Support for Your Own Language

Java Development Tool API

Where to buy the book