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Test-person Example Context Ontology

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Note: The following example conforms to higgins.owl version 1.2 or 1.3 (see [1])

Note: This example is out of date slightly WRT to higgins.owl version 1.13+" --the home phone attribute should subclass higgins:Correlation is an ontology that defines a Person class with eyeColor and homePhone attributes. This has been developed for illustrative and/or debugging purposes only.

Instance Data

Here is an example of an instance of a Person named Mary that is based on the above test-person.owl schema. Mary has a home number of 555-1212 and an eye color (as sourced by the RMV in Colorado) of blue:

<person:Person rdf:about="urn:Mary">
 <person:homePhone rdf:resource="urn:phoneNumber1"/>
 <person:eyeColor rdf:resource="urn:color1"/>
<higgins:NormalizedStringSimpleAttribute rdf:about="urn:color1">
  <higgins:SubjectRelationship rdf:about="urn:subjectRelationship1">
<higgins:NormalizedStringSimpleAttribute rdf:about="urn:phoneNumber1">

Or graphically:

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