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This tutorial uses the GMF [1] tutorial.

For additional information (next to this tutorial), see the description provided in this bugzilla.

Initial Setup

This tutorial assumes that you have a running Eclipse with EMF and Teneo installed. In addition the Teneo dependencies (incl. hsqldb and mysql drivers) should be installed. See the Download & Install page for more information.

The tutorial uses hsqldb but it can easily be changed to use mysql or another database. For other databases than hsqldb and mysql you need to take make sure that the jdbc driver is in the classpath of the org.eclipse.gmf.examples.edit project.

For mysql and other non-in-memory databases you have to create the database up-front (so not the tables inside the database but just the database itself). For this tutorial the database name should be: library.

Also GMF needs to be installed.

The GMF tutorial makes use of another set of example projects. These projects can be found in the gmf folder of the examples folder in cvs:

  • dev.eclipse.org
  • /cvsroot/modeling
  • org.eclipse.emf/org.eclipse.emf.teneo/examples/gmf

There are 3 projects:

  • org.eclipse.gmf.examples.edit
  • org.eclipse.gmf.examples.mindmap
  • org.eclipse.gmf.examples.mindmap.diagram

Download all three projects into your workspace.