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EMF & ORM: Teneo is a Model-Relational mapping and runtime database persistence solution for the Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF). Teneo integrates EMF with both Hibernate and EclipseLink.

Web-service/Web-application: If you want to work with EMF in a web environment or connect your RCP to a standard JPA web-server, consider using the EMFT Texo project, for more information see the Texo wiki.

RCP: if you want to develop a RCP with less emphasys on custom server side logic consider using CDO. Teneo is used for Model Relational mapping within the CDO Hibernate Store.

RCP connected to a JPA compliant server: if you want to connect your RCP to a standards compliant JPA (web-)server consider using the EMFT Texo project, for more information see the Texo wiki.


  • Powerful Tool Combination: Teneo integrates EMF with existing persistency solutions, combining strong model-driven code generation functionality with the power of storage, caching and querying of sophisticated object-relational mapping and persistency software.
  • Flexible Approach: Teneo automatically maps models to relational database schema. The mapping can be fully controlled, overridden and extended with JPA annotations in the model itself or in a separate xml file.
  • Extensive Coverage: Teneo supports persistence of virtually every ecore model out-of-the-box without additional manual mapping work.
  • Server-Side-Solutions: Teneo is primarily for server-oriented environments with business logic running on the server. Especially web-service solutions can benefit from the EMF XML (de-) serialization support combined with automatic Model-Relational mapping and runtime database persistence.


For detailed information, manuals and tutorials for each solution visit the ORM specific part of the site:

  • Hibernate: The EMF - Hibernate integration supports persisting of basic EObjects, ELists with 1:n, n:m, one-way, two-way and contained relations. EMF Objects can be retrieved using HQL queries. For more information see here
  • EclipseLink: Teneo Eclipselink is not actively maintained anymore (from 2012 onwards). For using EMF in combination with Eclipselink please check out the EMFT Texo project.


Teneo supports the three current EMF versions:

  • EMF 2.7 (Eclipse 3.7): supported by Teneo version 2.0.0.
  • EMF 2.8 (Eclipse 3.8): supported by Teneo version 2.0.0.
  • EMF 2.9-2.10 (Eclipse 4.0-4.4): supported by Teneo versions 2.0.0 and 2.1.0 (supports Hibernate 4.3 and further).

GIT, Support, Commit Mailing List and FAQ

The Teneo source code is stored in git in this location:

org.eclipse.emf.teneo.git (browse, stats, fork on OrionHub)

If you encounter issues, check the FAQ page.

Support for Teneo is given on the EMF newsgroup. For accessing the news group through a browser visit this page. To read newsgroups using a client application, install Pan Newsreader (pan Debian/Ubuntu package) or KNode (knode Debian/Ubuntu package).

To subscribe to the commit mailing list, visit this page:

Before November 2011, source code was stored in cvs, the cvs repository has been converted to git, for your reference you can find the archived cvs repository here.

Continuous Build

Teneo is build using Buckminster and Hudson in a continuous build system.

Update site containing the latest successful nightly builds:

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