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Technology/Subproject Termination Review 2013

This page serves as the documentation for the Technology Subproject [Review] 2013.

  • Review date: December 2013
  • Communication channel: Talk:Technology/Subproject_Termination_Review_2013


The following projects are candidates for termination, subject to review by the PMC.


g-Eclipse has had no apparent activity for at least two years.


IMP has had no apparent activity. Project claims to have moved to GitHub.

Voice Tools

Voice Tools has almost no activity; though there has, apparently, been some activity in 2013 that should be investigated. The project lead recently retired himself as a committer (but remains as project lead, which is a little weird).

IDE for Education

IDE4EDU is very dead. There has been no activity for two years.

Eclipse Examples Project

The Eclipse Examples Project hasn't had any significant activity in a very long time.

Prior to engaging in the archival process, I'd like to fork the examples on GitHub.

Eclipse Process Framework

The Eclipse Process Framework hasn't had a release in three years...


Tigerstripe hasn't had a release in a couple of years...

This page is moderated by the Technology PMC and EMO.

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