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Technology/Subproject Termination Review 2013

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This page serves as the documentation for the Technology Subproject [Review] 2013.

  • Review date: December 2013
  • Communication channel: Talk:Technology/Subproject_Termination_Review_2013


The following projects are candidates for termination, subject to review by the PMC.


g-Eclipse has had no apparent activity for at least two years. The project lead concurs that termination is the right course of action.

The project will fork on GitHub ahead of archival.

  • Archive website: /geclipse (also aliased as /g-eclipse)
  • Archive Git: /gitroot/geclipse/eu.geclipse.core.git/
  • Archive Downloads: downloads/technology/geclipse/
  • Archive mailing list: geclipse-dev, geclipse-user
  • Archive forum/NNTP:
  • Archive Bugzilla: gEclipse
  • Archive Hudson: None

The review is scheduled to conclude on December 18/2013.


IMP has had no apparent activity. Project claims to have moved to GitHub.

  • Archive website: /imp
  • Archive SVN: /svnroot/technology/org.eclipse.imp/
  • Archive Downloads: downloads/technology/imp/
  • Archive mailing list: imp-dev, imp-commit, imp-user
  • Archive forum/NNTP:
  • Archive Bugzilla: IMP
  • Archive Hudson: None

The review is scheduled to conclude on Dec 18/2013.

Voice Tools

Voice Tools has almost no activity; though there has, apparently, been some relatively minor activity in 2013.

The project has only a single committer. That committer has been inactive for eleven months. I sent a note A VTP committer or project lead *must* to respond to this note to the project dev list asking questions about the state of the project that has remained unanswered. In that note, I spelled out my concerns regarding the state of the project and--in particular--my concern that the project may not be following the IP process.

I have sent a follow up personal note to the one remaining project committer stating our intention to start the project termination process.

IDE for Education

IDE4EDU is very dead. There has been no activity for two years.

Eclipse Examples Project

The Eclipse Examples Project hasn't had any significant activity in a very long time.

Prior to engaging in the archival process, I'd like to fork the examples on GitHub.

This page is moderated by the Technology PMC and EMO.

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