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Technology/Subproject Termination Review 2011

This page is moderated by the Technology PMC and EMO.


The following Technology projects will be terminated and archived.


Athena is actually a component of Dash in the classic EDP sense; With the EDP changes introduced in 2008, Athena became a defacto project. Athena provides a great service to assist Eclipse projects with building. However, the intent was for Athena to be bridge technology and newer technologies, such as Tycho are maturing to the point where many projects have already moved away from Athena. Development has ceased, and Athena-related traffic on the various communication forums has been non-existent.


  • Update wiki pages to indicate that project is archived
  • Archive /cvsroot/technology/org.eclipse.dash/athena
  • Archive|Remove /opt/public/cbi/
    • This directory seems to primarily contain code from other projects, and so can probably be removed (please confirm)
  • Archive|Remove /home/data/httpd/
    • This directory seems to primarily contain code from other projects, and so can probably be removed (please confirm)
  • Retire committers

Cloud Deployment Toolkit

The CDTK project never managed to get started.

  • Project mailing list is the unmodified template
  • No activity in the mailing list
  • No activity in the forum since April 2010
  • No initial contribution evident in IPZilla
  • Test commits made in Git repositories in September 2010; no commits since

Diagnosis: dead on arrival. Recommend termination. I have sent a note to the project dev list. Project lead concurs.


  • Archive project web site
  • Archive mailing list
  • Archive forum
  • Archive Git repository /gitroot/cdtk

Community-driven Systems Management in Open Source Project (COSMOS)

Requires investigation. No commit activity in CVS since October 2010.

Dash/Ganomatic Build Tool

Requires investigation. [1]


Project appears inactive. Requires investigation.

Faceted Project Framework

Faceted Project Framework was created in an attempt to make facets technology that was developed in WTP more accessible to other Eclipse projects. The project failed, due in part to lack of cooperation from WTP. The original framework continues to be in active use at its original location in WTP. Development on the branch associated with this separate project has ceased a while ago.


  • Archive /cvsroot/technology/org.eclipse.fproj
  • Move any open bugs in "Technology/Faceted Project Framework" to "WebTools/WTP Common Tools/Faceted Project Framework".

Eclipse IAM (Integration for Apache Maven)

Requires Investigation.

Open Financial Market Platform (OFMP)

Requires Investigation.

Eclipse Tools for Microsoft Silverlight

There have been no commits on the ESL project since November 2010. There are numerous broken links on the project home page (including the downloads link). Much of the project content remains offsite (i.e. it hasn't been moved over to; given that all the CQs created for the project have been resolved, we must assume (in the absence of further evidence) that the effort to bring the project over has stalled. There are several unanswered questions in the project forum; in fact, it does not appear that any project committer has ever made a single entry in the forum. The project appears dead.

Open Healthcare Framework (OHF)

There has been no commit activity in the OHF source code repository in more than a year. Recent (September 2011) questions on the newsgroup have gone unanswered. The project appears dead.


  • Archive /cvsroot/technology/org.eclipse.ohf
  • Archive project website, /ohf
  • Archive downloads in ./downloads/technology/ohf/
  • Archive build scripts (if any)

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