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Technology/Project Reviews

The Technology PMC reviews projects on an ongoing basis. As a general rule, projects to review are initially selected in alphabetical order.

We use the guidelines set out in Community Development for Eclipse Projects as input into these reviews.

Pending Reviews

  • BPEL Designer Project
  • Community-driven Systems Management in Open Source Project
  • Dash, Tools for Committers and members
  • Dynamic Languages Toolkit
  • ECM Rich Client Platform

Fall 2008 Reviews

Community-driven Systems Management in Open Source Project (COSMOS)

  • Reviewed by Wayne Beaton
  • Started October 31, 2008
  • Initial Review (link pending)


I've done my review of the COSMOS project. It is my assessment that the project is progressing well. While I'd like to see more community development, it does seem that the project already has a very diverse group of committers, along with some commercial adoption. As I note below, most of the commits are coming from IBM employees, but a steady flow is also being registered by SAS and CA.

The project seems to be doing the right sort of things to help newcomers familiarize themselves with the project. The website provides good help and the developers appear to be responsive in the newsgroup. I'd like to see more blogging along with more explicit outreach.

I am a little concerned about how the project is labeling their releases. Their current naming scheme does not seem to conform to the conventions that are being followed by most other projects. Though it could just be that I don't understand what they're doing.

Application Lifecycle Framework Project









Summer 2008 Reviews

Accessibility Tools Framework


ACTF is developing well, but needs to spend more effort in the development of an active community around the project.



Development on Albireo appears to be slowing, but is continuing. There has been little community involvement behind the project. The project committers need to spend more effort in the development of an active community.

Aperi Storage Management Project


The Aperi project leadership tells us that they are actively participating in the storage management community. We have asked them to spend more effort to participate more actively in the broader Eclipse community.

The project leadership is considering a longer term scenario where Aperi becomes a project under a top-level COSMOS project.

Consensus seems to be that the project is progressing reasonably well.