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Team thoughts on continuous improvement 30

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WTP 3.0 Debriefing


Following our WTP 3.0 release, we'd like to have a short meeting with committers and contributors to discuss possible ways our project might improve.. These include things that you think we did well in this release and things that you think should be changed or improvements that can be made, process changes, etc. This feedback will become critical to our success for our next major release

Please use this page to express priorities, make notes, and brainstorm as many ideas as possible. This will serve as a seed list for the meeting on July 10th, 2008.

Seed list for 07/10/2008 discussion

  • Newsgroups - Are we giving the proper attention? Should we have a rotation for newsgroup monitoring? There is a great deal of value we may be missing in keeping track of the kinds of problems real users are having. The consensus seems to be to leave it up to each component to ensure there is one team member watching the newsgroups ever week. Everyone should be more diligent about seeing queries without responses and forwarding them to the mailing list for help from the general committer community. (David)
  • Perhaps we should do the debriefing more than once a year, maybe twice? (David)

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