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Tasks (Buckminster)

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We're currently working against our Buckminster 0.1.0 Europa release, which will be the first documented & production-quality Buckminster release. This schedule for this release is synchronized with the milestones and release candidates of Europa.

Items to complete before the 1.0 final release. Completion Q4 2006

  • Improve packaging
    • Add common OSS feature (pde, cvs, svn)
    • Create a separate headless-site.xml for the update site
  • PDE Build improvements
    • Feature version consolidation
  • Documentation improvements
    • General restructuring of wiki content
    • Create Trailblazers for common usecases
    • Make current documentation up-to-date with codebase
    • Document the action framework
    • More examples

Misc possibilities - undecided and no timeframe

  • Minimalistic installer
    • Java Web Start installer for our product
    • Able to materialize from bom or mspec
    • Self configuring
    • UI component (progress monitors etc.)

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