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(Items to complete before the 1.0 final release. Completion Q4 2006)
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{{Backlink|Buckminster Project}}
{{Backlink|Buckminster Project}}
Tasks are maintained in the Eclipse Bugzilla.
We're currently working against our Buckminster 1.0 release milestone, which will be the first documented & production-quality Buckminster release.  This milestone is scheduled for Q4 2006 completion (most likely late November).
=== Buckminster Milestone 3. Completion Q3 2006 ===
* {{Strikeover|'''-Clean up and restructure-''' [[Buckminster Component Specification|CSPEC]] '''and some related mechanisms'''}}
** {{Strikeover|Remove 'targets' concept (outdated)}}
** {{Strikeover|Remove use of 'buckminster' URL as a query vehicle (only internally used and is better modeled differently)}}
** {{Strikeover|Add component name/version attributes to the data}}
*** {{Strikeover|''In principle this is redundant information, but there are times when it can be necessary and/or useful. However, it must be described on exactly when and how the data is used and what happens when it conflicts with implicit information. There are also implications for [[Buckminster Component Query|CQUERY]] advisor nodes''.}}
* '''Complete the [[Buckminster Component Specification|CSPEC]] and associated functionality'''
** {{Strikeover|Define [[Buckminster CSPEC Action|actions]] XML & Model/interface (including persistence model}}
** {{Strikeover|Implement action driven evaluation using actors}}
** {{Strikeover|Improve CSPEC generators to include actions. Build of PDE artifacts in special}}
** Update the documentation to reflect new generation and CSPEC elements
** Removed all deprecated stuff after some announced grace period.
** <strike>Merge XML schemas. We only need three; cspec, rmap, and meta-data.</strike>
* {{Strikeover|'''A basic 'update site' provider'''}}
* {{Strikeover|'''Headless/packaging docs'''}}
** {{Strikeover|Generally clean up}}
** {{Strikeover|Add sections on calling directly from Java and from Ant}}
=== Items to complete before the 1.0 final release. Completion Q4 2006 ===
* '''CSPEC improvements'''
** Add componentProducer (prerequisite) to CSPEC dependeny
** Rename &lt;local&gt;/&lt;external&gt; to &lt;attribute&gt;
* '''Improve packaging'''
** Limit the number of features
** Add common OSS feature (pde, cvs, svn)
* '''Meta Data'''
** Bill Of Material and dynamic data separation
** Simple Bill Of Material delta viewer
* PDE Build improvements
** Feature version consolidation
** Understand PDE repository maps
* '''Documentation improvements'''
** Create Trailblazers for common usecases
** New docs on cspec/ant bridge
** More examples
* '''Headless improvements'''
** <strike>Make headless core product much smaller</strike>
** Review headless command and option names
=== Misc possibilities - undecided and no timeframe ===
* '''Disconnect headless entirely from Buckminster, possibly offer for general RCP use'''
** Turn into article: 'Implementing a headless framework' and 'Implementing a headless progress monitor'
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Tasks are maintained in the Eclipse Bugzilla.

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