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Talk:Using the WSDL Validator Outside of Eclipse

Revision as of 13:47, 3 December 2006 by A.pankov.gmail.com (Talk | contribs)

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I have to validate wsdl generated by our project and looking for a good solution. I googled to this plugin and tried it via Eclipse. Looks like it pretty enough and it could be great if I can use it inside my project for automated testing. Unfortunattely I'm too newby in java and it's a big trouble for me to apply WST. Could you, please, provide me some sort of start program, i.e. hello-world, how can I plug in org.eclipse.wst.wsdl*.jar files into simple java program? I have spent some time trying but have no chances :( For example, it could be fine to see how to apply your instructions from the article:

WSDLValidator validator = new WSDLValidator(); IValidationReport report = validator.validate(URI, INPUTSTREAM, CONFIGURATION);

Thanks for your pattience.