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Talk:User Interface Guidelines

Question regarding "Titlebar icons": Why are we documenting the behavior of a widget on a specific platform with specific theme enabled? These values are not guaranteed even just looking at windows alone. (Randy Hudson)

Somewhere around guideline 1.8/1.9 should mention guidelines for translated messages. In particular, when to use single quote and double quote (see discussion in bug 147075). It should also suggest that error messages not go into too much implementation detail or use technical language that end users will not typically understand. Also, I think the details of guideline 1.9 are incorrect. We never show details such as plug-in id and version in error dialogs. Perhaps this intended to say that errors in the log file should have those details (John Arthorne)

In the past commands were called actions and someone has done a global replace of action for command but not changed the "an" to an "a" so it now reads "an command" throughout the article instead of "a command". (Phill Perryman)

Can you please include the colour palette file or links to them. Re-creating the full 256 colour palette by hand would be difficut to ay the least. (Phill Perryman)

Guideline 1.6 (sentence style) it does not mention that eclipse almost always adds a colon to the end of its labels when they prefix a control such as text or combo and that postfix labels have no terminator.

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