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Topics to Consider

Eclipse for Beginners

Learn about Eclipse, the exciting open source development tool created by IBM, for building applications for the enterprise (Web, SOA, Desktop, etc.) using Java technology. This session will largely be a demonstration of the Eclipse platform where a desktop and web based application will be built and debugged.

Eclipse: Building Web Sites

Eclipse is a multipurpose tool, which among other things can be used to build multi-page, graphical, and interactive web sites. This session will focus on using Eclipse to build web sites and will demonstrate the various web site editors (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc.) that are available in Eclipse.

Eclipse: Web Applications

Providing the right tools for building web applications is one of the things Eclipse does best. Using Java and Servlet Technology, we will build a dynamic web site in this session. You will also learn HTTP and HTML basics.

Eclipse: How do I access my Data?

Data drives dynamic websites! Eclipse has many tools, which can be used to help you connect to, transform, and use data from just about any data source. This session will demonstrate how to connect to a DB2 database use the Eclipse tools to work with the data. Additionally, a small web application will be built which uses the data.

Eclipse: Using XML

It would be hard to find many applications written in the past five years that didn’t utilize XML in some fashion. XML, or eXtensible Markup Language, and the many surrounding technologies are cornerstones in any web-based application. Eclipse has many tools for working with XML, which we will cover in this session.