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This document mixes up things. Either it should be titled Eclipse SDK Commands and Placement or the non-Platform commands should be removed from the list.

Text editor popup action

How does one targetall registered context menus? One of the significant problems with the 3.2 eclipse is creeping IDE inconsistency, esp for popup menus. This inconsistency is a consequence of plugin dependent function. Having file-type dependent popups is a nice optional feature, but more critical for users is to have core function always available. There does not seem to be a mechanism to add menu items to all popups or to remove items on user preference. (I think these abilities are available for the menu bar and tool bars but I never use them, they are too slow). An example of the consequences is the AnyEdit plugin, which has pages of XML attempting to enumerate all editors in all versions of eclipse! One approach would allow regular expressions in the targetID (in the current scheme) for actions and urge editor plugin writers to adopt a uniform naming scheme. A better solution would allow users to configure global settings on popups for editors.

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