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(one initial emf model + one diagram emf model + one gmf diagram =???? several differents diagram views synchronized)
(No difference)

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i have one model (myInitialModel) based on many ecore with emf i have created an Ecore model and a GMF model diagram that taking references on myInitialModel for the Eobjects that it need to proceed. this is myViewDiagram.

My view is initialize from an Eobject (myInitializer) in myInitialModel, as there is many myInitilizer, i have to initialize one diagram for each myInitializer. Each generatedDiagram can contains objects that are reflect on some other generatedDiagram. All must be synchronized (myInitialModel, generatedDiagram(s))

i can easely build the model for my diagram from the selection, but there is no synchronization with myInitialModel. (i'm using MyViewDiagramCreateWizard instanciate in an actionset)

problems are that i can't have more than one diagram (the second one didn't proceed) and there is no synchronization with my first diagram on the initial model...

is anyone can help???

thanks, kev.

p.s.: myInitializer can't instanciate model diagram and as myViewDiagram because of cross references

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