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Revision as of 00:24, 13 April 2008 by David williams.acm.org (Talk | contribs) (added header and author info)

Step 6 alternative

David williams.us.ibm.com 00:24, 13 April 2008 (EDT)

I suggest step 6 be changed to use the headless.zip that's produced. From what I can see, it's equivelent to the bin/buckminster directory, and would seem simpler to use what's produced, rather than zip it up again. So, from

6. Zip & transfer the bin/buckminster directory to build.eclipse.org. Unpack it as you@build.eclipse.org:/shared/ganymede/buckminster/bin/buckminster.
export you=yourUserName; 
cd /path/to/workspace/org.eclipse.dash.siteassembler/bin; 
zip -r /tmp/buckminster.zip buckminster; 
ssh $you@build.eclipse.org "mkdir -p ~/ganymede/buckminster/bin/"; 
scp /tmp/buckminster.zip $you@build.eclipse.org:~/ganymede/buckminster/bin/; 
ssh $you@build.eclipse.org "cd ~/ganymede/buckminster/bin/; unzip buckminster.zip"; 
rm -f /tmp/buckminster.zip

To something similar to

6. Transfer the bin/headless.zip file to build.eclipse.org. Unpack it in you@build.eclipse.org:/shared/ganymede/buckminster.
export you=yourUserName; 
cd /path/to/workspace/org.eclipse.dash.siteassembler/bin; 
scp headless.zip $you@build.eclipse.org:/shared/ganymede/buckminster; 
ssh $you@build.eclipse.org "cd /shared/ganymede/buckminster; unzip headless.zip";