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Talk:EclipseLink/UserGuide/JPA/Basic JPA Development/Mapping/Additional Criteria


  • Documentation should be from JPA perspective, not native API, do not talk about descriptors, expressions etc., talk about Entities, Queries.
  • Merging and overriding applies to all annotations/xml, should not document it in here or in every page, but have a single page that documents the overriding behavior.
  • Examples are not use "source lang="java"/"xml"" tags.
  • The example formatting is off, two lines appended to one. The example should be relevant to something that a user would want to do, i.e. ."this.isDeleted = false", or effective dates, or tenants.
  • Should state the purpose of this feature, why would someone want to use it? Soft deletes, history, multi-tenancy, shared table 19:33, 28 February 2011 (UTC)

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