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Talk:EclipseLink/UserGuide/JPA/Advanced JPA Development/Data Partitioning

Questions about this documentation (by Ben Gelernter, tech writer):


The partitioning policies in the spec at don't seem to match the partitioning policies in the Javadoc (from the zip download) at zip/eclipselink-2.2.0.v20110114-r8831/eclipselink/eclipselink-javadocs/org/eclipse/persistence/descriptors/partitioning/package-summary.html.

This draft (1/26/11) is based on the Javadoc. Is that correct? That is, this doc should follow the Javadoc, not the spec on this matter, correct?

The differences are:

  • CustomPartitioningPolicy and PinnedPartitioningPolicy are in the Javadoc, but not in the spec.
  • There are alternative names given for the policies in the spec, under the Functionality section. Shall I assume the names in the Javadoc are correct and the alternative names in the spec should be ignored? Or are they referring to some other kind of entity?

The following table sums up the differences:

Spec under "Functionality" Spec under "API" Javadoc
not listed not listed CustomPartitioningPolicy
not listed FieldPartitioningPolicy same as API in spec
HashPartitionPolicy HashPartitioningPolicy same as API in spec
not listed PartitioningPolicy same as API in spec
RoundRobinPolicy RoundRobinPartitioningPolicy same as API in spec
RangePartitionPolicy RangePartitioningPolicy same as API in spec
ReplicationPolicy ReplicationPartitioningPolicy same as API in spec
UnionPartitionPolicy UnionPartitioningPolicy same as API in spec
ValuePartitionPolicy ValuePartitioningPolicy same as API in spec


As of build v20100819-r8063, I still don't see any of these APIs in the online Javadoc at Is there a reason for that? When will it appear?


The spec gives an example of an orm.xml file but only has a bullet item for persistence.xml. Should there be an example for persistence.xml, too?


Under "Requirements," the spec lists failover, UCP and RAC as "Phase 2." So, should the "Data Affinity, Oracle RAC, and JDBC UCP Support" section in the current draft be removed?

And nothing needs to be said about failover for this release, correct?


I'm not sure what specifically to say about the listed connection pool properties in this context. Can anyone offer some choice phrases for an introduction?

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