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TPTP/Move To Tools

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TPTP no longer makes sense as a top-level project. With a single PMC member and limited development being done on TPTP projects by a small number of developers, it makes sense to move TPTP under the Tools banner.

We can do this with limited disruption, as very little of the infrastructure has to change to make this work. The existing projects will be merged into a single project, "tools.tptp". The source code repositories, project downloads, and community forum can stay where they are. Some change will be required in Bugzilla and IPZilla. We will use this opportunity to consolidate the many mailing lists.

Along with the move, the existing TPTP project charter will be revoked. This has already been added to the agenda for the board's September 2012 meeting.

Discussion regarding this move is captured on Bug 377692.


The currently-separate subprojects, Tracing & Profiling Tools (tptp.performance), TPTP Platform (tptp.platform), Testing Tools (tptp.test) will roll up into a new parent project, TPTP (tools.tptp) as de facto components (the EDP does not have a formal concept of component). The existing committers will be rolled up into the new project. The existing TPTP projects will all be marked as terminated. No archival is required.

TPTP PMC leads and members, architecture council and planning council representatives will be deactivated. The new tools subproject will be put into incubation with Wayne Beaton as a single project mentor.

TPTP Top-level charter will be revoked.


The repositories can stay where they are. They will need to be migrated to Git at some point, and so can stay at /cvsroot/tptp for now. The downloads can stay where they are, under /home/data/httpd/ There are no builds running in Hudson. The existing project website does not require any major modification.

The existing UNIX groups, tptp.performance, tptp.platform, and tptp.test will be rolled into a single "tools.tptp" group. That group will be given access to all TPTP resources (including all nested subdirectories, recursively):

  • /cvsroot/tptp;
  • /home/data/httpd/; and
  • /cvsroot/org.eclipse/www/tptp

Mailing lists


  • tptp-platform-dev


  • tptp-commit


  • tptp-news
  • tptp-pmc
  • tptp-testing-tools-dev
  • tptp-trace-cvs-commit
  • tptp-tracing-profiling-tools-dev
  • tptp.monitoring-cvs-commit
  • tptp.platform-cvs-commit
  • tptp.test-cvs-commit
  • tptp.test-results-cvs-commit


All existing Bugzilla products under the TPTP classification will be migrated to a single "TPTP" product with existing components left intact.


All existing IPZilla components under the "tptp" product will be merged into a single "tools.tptp" component and the product removed.

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