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Attending: Ernest, Kathy, Paul, Oliver, Chris

Any issues with summary from last time?

  • none

4.5.2 update

Kathy updates us on current state of affairs.

  • Latest M4 driver is out

4.6.2 update

4.6.2 development going along fine

More active discussion on skill transfer is underway between Intel China and IBM teams.

Committer Discussion

Voting for Chengrui is in process again. Should be in good shape this time as extra voting reminders went out

  • Kathy would like to talk about committer cleanup and Emertius status of committers

Kathy points out that a number of of folks in Platform project are inactive.

  • Kathy will send out a email to people that we are unsure of.
  • Chris to touch base with Asaf to see if he wants to resign

We discussed what Emeritis status is.

  • It should recognize long term significant contribution to the project.
  • Should be selective and special
  • We selected one of the outgoing committers to offer this status to.


Itanium boxes currently in IBM holding bay.

  • IBM waiting for approval inside of IBM to hook them up
  • They have have most of the approvals (one more to go)

Oliver notes that the current dev schedule goes until the 30th.

  • Oliver asks if we need meeting next week (21st).
  • General agreement that we do not need meeting next week.

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