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Windows Install

1. Install Tortoise Git. Not a must-have but helpful. Recommended to install this first. 2. Install Msysgit as per the Tortoise Git instructions. Not a must-have but strongly recommended from the start, in order to be consistent between egit and commandline. 3. Launch Git Bash

    • If it is slow for you, you may want to set a HOME environment variable to a local disk and update the Git Bash program shortcut
    • For me, the default %HOMEDRIVE%%HOMEPATH% pointed to a non-existing remote folder, making everything dead slow
    • I've set HOME=D:/Workspaces/git -- all your git repos will be below there by default, and your user config too
    • Re-start to verify Git Bash is fast and HOME is accurate

4. Set up your user ID on git bash as per Git#Committers_new_to_Git

  git config --global
  git config --global "John Doe"

5. Launch Eclipse SDK and install latest egit from