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Lead: Javier Montalvo-Orús (Symbian)
Members: Symbian, Freescale, WR

We want to

  • Autodetect boards on the local network or in a lab
  • Autodetect services on a remote system
  • Autodetect connection mechanisms to a board (connectors)
  • Autodetect remote board registries (related to Shared Board Labs)

in order to simplify setup of remote system connections for a user.

The actual detection of services could go

  • via network (e.g. ECF Discovery using Zeroconf/Bonjour,
  • it could be through vendor-specific agents running on the remote system,
  • or it could be even without asking the live target, e.g. by looking at a local ELF image of the kernel on the target or investigating SPIRIT files.

Use cases for autodetect:

  • New Connection - instead of having to type an IP address, get a list of available systems. Grouped by system type, connection type (serial vs. TCP/IP), LAN/WAN range etc.
  • In the New Connection Wizard, when the remote system is already identified, get available services / subsystems pre-selected as detected on the remote system (or disabled if not available on the remote system).
  • New Board Lab - instead of having to type an IP address, get a list of available board lab servers.

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