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TM/3.0 Known Issues and Workarounds

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This page lists the most obvious known issues with TM 3.0 Milestones and suggests workarounds. By "most obvious" we mean those issues that many users are likely to encounter. Note that there may be other severe or critical issues not listed here, because they are less likely to occur. See the Bugzilla: TM Major and Critical, P1 and P2 query to show those.

We encourage you to enable Wiki Watch for this page: ensure that you are logged on to the Wiki, then click the little 'watch' tab on top of this page. On your personal "preferences" page (accessible from the top right of your screen) you can also enable E-Mail notifications for changes on this page. This will allow you to get notified when other users find important problems that you might be able to work around.

This is a collaborative page: Every user may edit this page and add bugs he or she has filed, that are very obivious or problematic and that he or she'd like other users to be able to work around to avoid. See the TM Bug Process Page for queries to get the full list of known bugs out of bugzilla.

Known Problems in TM 3.0.x

TM 3.0M3 is the latest official milestone. See TM 2.0 Known Issues and Workarounds for the TM 2.0.x stream.

Bug # Description Workaround
218387 Problems with large file trees shared through EFS on slow connections When a large remote file tree is linked into the local workspace as an EFS-shared resouces, the Workbench may appear to hang up or be unresponsive for long times during various operations. The reason seems to be that the Eclipse Workspace and Resources System are not made for lazy operations, so Eclipse tries to access or refresh the entire remote tree during certain operations. Sometimes, these very long running refresh operations can happen at times where they block the entire Eclipse UI and thus make the Workbench unresponsive.

We will look at improving the situation, but for now it is discouraged linking large remote file trees into the Eclipse workspace.
Workaround: Use the RSE SystemView to browse large file trees on slow connections. It works fully lazily, not trying to refresh resources that are never needed, and performs caching wherever possible. Link resources into the Workspace only where needed.

181458 Cannot drag&drop / copy&paste from remote to Windows Explorer We had to take out the "Download on Copy" workaround again because of critical bug 189268. A proper fix will need a fix in SWT. Workaround: Copy&Paste to the RSE "Local" file system instead.
153652 Cannot drag&drop from remote into the Project Explorer We had to take out the "Download on Copy" workaround again because of critical bug 189268. A proper fix will need support for the "PluginTransfer" method in the Project Explorer. Workaround: Open the Resource Navigator in a separate view, then drag&drop to the Resource Navigator instead.
190803 Some long-running dstore commands cannot be canceled When a "list directory" query is extremely slow because of e.g. missing mounted file systems, the dstore server gets unresponsive because it is single-threaded for "list" type queries. Other queries are multi-threaded, so fixing this in the future should not be too hard. Unfortunately, when the client cancels the operation further access to the hanging dstore server may block the UI. Workaround: When a dstore connection hangs, cancel the job in the progress view, then disconnect and reconnect the hanging connection. This will restart the dstore server.

Issues fixed in recent milestones

Bug # Fixed in Description
210555 TM 3.0M4 Regression: Cannot delete files on SSH or FTP due to NullPointerException
205393 TM M20071030-2030 2.0.1 regression: Terminal causes stack overflow -- has been fixed and promoted to Europa Fall Maintenance Update.

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