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== Documents ==
== Documents ==
* [[TM and RSE FAQ]]
* [[DSDP/TM/Code Ownership|TM/RSE Code Ownership]]
* [[DSDP/TM/Code Ownership|TM/RSE Code Ownership]]
* [[DSDP-TM Draft API Proposal by Pierre-Alexandre 2005x11x21]]
* [[DSDP-TM Draft API Proposal by Pierre-Alexandre 2005x11x21]]

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Welcome to the DSDP-Target Management Project Wiki. The Target Management project creates data models and frameworks to configure and manage remote systems, their connections, and their services.

These pages are meant as an open, collaborative platform for discussions and exchanging ideas. For official information and documents, see the Official DSDP-TM Website.

Technology Sub-Groups

The pages below were created to contain the activity of several small sub-groups created to focus on specific aspects of target management. See the 23-Feb-2006 meeting notes for more information.

Technology Lead Members Comments
Hardware Descriptions Aaron Spear (ATI/Mentor) Shared with DD SPIRIT group
Launching Martin Oberhuber (WR) Nokia, Freescale Related to DD Launching Group
Associations TBD WR, Mentor Associate connection with Project or Build
Flexible Target Connection Adaptors Peter Lachner (Intel) Paul Gingrich (TI), Felix Burton (WR), Tom Hochstein (Freescale), Aaron Spear (Mentor)
Inter-Debugger Communications TBD (Freescale)
Shared Board Labs TBD WR, Mentor, Freescale
Connection Groups TBD Mentor, Freescale, Curtiss-Wright
Autodetect Javier Montalvo-Orús (Symbian) Symbian, Freescale, WR

Ongoing Discussions


See the DSDP-TM Website for other documents, slides and meeting notes.

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