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(DSDP-TM Meeting Notes)
(DSDP-TM Phone Meeting Notes)
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== DSDP-TM Phone Meeting Notes ==
== DSDP-TM Phone Meeting Notes ==
* [[DSDP_TM_Notes_2005x12x19| Agenda for Meeting 2005x12x19]]
* [[DSDP_TM_Notes_2005x11x28]]
* [[DSDP_TM_Notes_2005x11x28]]
* [ Meeting Notes 2005x11x07]
* [ Meeting Notes 2005x11x07]

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Welcome to the DSDP-Target Management Project Wiki. The Target Management project creates data models and frameworks to configure and manage remote systems, their connections, and their services.

These pages are meant as an open, collaborative platform for discussions and exchanging ideas. For official information and documents, see the Official DSDP-TM Website.

DSDP-TM Phone Meeting Notes

See the DSDP-TM Website for older phone meeting notes, face-to-face meeting notes, slides and documents.

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