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TCK:ts jte pipeline

Revision as of 06:59, 21 June 2019 by (Talk | contribs) (ts.jte configuration pipeline)

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#!/usr/bin/env groovy

node {
   // value of ${ts.home} is to be evaluated by ANT during the build/run
   // in ts.jte it is supposed to be ${ts.home}, it is test suite home folder, 
   // where the test suite is to be cloned from the GitHub repository
   // Location of a glassfish when the TCK is being run
   // The folder of TCK job results
   // Java Test Harness work dir
   stage('Grab the original ts.jte') {
        // get the ts.jte file
        sh "wget${deliverabledir}/bin/ts.jte"

   stage('Configure the ts.jte') {
        sh '''#!/bin/bash -ex
            sed -i '$ a impl\\.vi=glassfish' ts.jte
            sed -i "$ a web\\.home=\$(echo \${SERVER_HOME} | sed -e 's/\\\\/\\\\\\\\/g; s/\\//\\\\\\//g;')" ts.jte
            sed -i "s/^impl\\.vi\\.deploy\\.dir=/$(echo impl\\.vi\\.deploy\\.dir=\\${web.home}/domains/domain1/autodeploy | sed -e 's/\\\\/\\\\\\\\/g; s/\\//\\\\\\//g;')/g" ts.jte
            sed -i 's/^harness\\.log\\.traceflag=false/harness\\.log\\.traceflag=true/g' ts.jte
            sed -i 's/^webServerHost=/webServerHost=localhost/g' ts.jte
            sed -i 's/^webServerPort=/webServerPort=8080/g' ts.jte
            sed -i "s/^work\\.dir=\\/tmp\\/JTwork/$(echo work\\.dir=${HARNESS_WORK_DIR} | sed -e 's/\\\\/\\\\\\\\/g; s/\\//\\\\\\//g;')/g" ts.jte
            sed -i "s/^report\\.dir=\\/tmp\\/JTreport/$(echo report\\.dir=${HARNESS_REPORT_DIR} | sed -e 's/\\\\/\\\\\\\\/g; s/\\//\\\\\\//g;')/g" ts.jte
            sed -i "s/^jsonb\\.classes=/$(echo jsonb\\.classes=${JARS_ON_CP} | sed -e 's/\\\\/\\\\\\\\/g; s/\\//\\\\\\//g;')/g" ts.jte        
   stage('Archive the ts.jte') {
      archiveArtifacts 'ts.jte'

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