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TCF 1.1 New & Noteworthy

A total of 195 bugs were fixed for TCF 1.1 - see this bugzilla report for defects fixed per component.

TCF API and Protocol

TCF Agent and C Value-Add

  • Made the exemplary C agent more configurable (allow moving more services to the value-add) - bug 388303 and others
  • Initial ARM Debug Support (bug 403422, bug 404253), bug 404627 - thanks to contributors Stanislav Yakovlev and Emmanuel Touron
  • Made the support for debug file formats pluggable (bug 397580) - thanks to contributor Didier Brachet
  • Fix handling of internal compiler symbols in stacktrace (bug 392802) - thanks to contributor Renan LePadellec
  • Extended support for ELF format - thanks to contributor Peder Andersen
  • Many bug fixes

TCF Debugger UI

  • Breakpoints: Support default trigger scope, flexible annotation providers and more
    • Hardware Breakpoint Support (bug 383041 - thanks to contributor Scott Tepavich)
  • Register View: Fix Bitfield support (bug 397657, Improve XMM Vector Register support (bug 385917 - thanks to contributor Morvan LeGoff)
  • Disassembly: Many bug fixes and improvements (bug 400183, bug 363927
  • Runcontrol: Many fixes for reverse debugging
  • Many bug fixes

Target Explorer

Python Binding

  • Many bug fixes, documentation improvements, and PEP8 compliance - thanks to contributor Frederic Leger