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(Website and Documentation)
(Website and Documentation)
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==Website and Documentation==
==Website and Documentation==
* Updated the [http://www.eclipse.org/tcf TCF Homepage]
* Updated the [http://www.eclipse.org/tcf TCF Homepage], created a [http://www.eclipse.org/forums/eclipse.tcf Forum] and filled in the detailed [http://projects.eclipse.org/projects/tools.cdt.tcf Projects Page]
* Added the [[TCF/Raspberry Pi|Raspberry Pi HOWTO]]
* Added the [[TCF/Raspberry Pi|Raspberry Pi HOWTO]]

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TCF 1.1 New & Noteworthy

Perhaps the biggest improvement in TCF 1.1 is bug fixes and robustness, thanks to TCF being tested and shipped in commercial products by Wind River and Xilinx. A total of 195 bugs were fixed for TCF 1.1 - see this bugzilla report for defects fixed per component.

The TCF project team would like to take this opportunity to thank all our 42 contributors as per the approved IP Log for TCF 1.1 !

The searchable git logs for the agent and the TCF main repository provide more insight into all changs made.

New & Noteworthy changes per component:

TCF API and Protocol

TCF Agent and C Value-Add

  • Made the exemplary C agent more configurable (allow moving more services to the value-add) - bug 388303 and others
  • Initial ARM Debug Support (bug 403422, bug 404253), bug 404627 - thanks to contributors Stanislav Yakovlev and Emmanuel Touron
  • Made the support for debug file formats pluggable (bug 397580) - thanks to contributor Didier Brachet
  • Fix handling of internal compiler symbols in stacktrace (bug 392802) - thanks to contributor Renan LePadellec
  • Support for more ELF/DWARF tags, especially x86_64 and ppc - thanks to contributor Peder Andersen
  • Support Signal Numbers > 32 (real-time signals, bug 408257)
  • Added -h(elp) option to TCF agent (bug 384049 - thanks to contributor Vincent Rubbiolo)
  • Many bug fixes

TCF Debugger UI

  • Breakpoints: Support default trigger scope, flexible annotation providers and more
    • Hardware Breakpoint Support (bug 383041 - thanks to contributor Scott Tepavich)
  • Register View: Fix Bitfield support (bug 397657, Improve XMM Vector Register support (bug 385917 - thanks to contributor Morvan LeGoff)
  • Disassembly: Many bug fixes and improvements (bug 400183, bug 363927
  • Runcontrol: Many fixes for reverse debugging
  • Many bug fixes

TCF Python Binding

  • Many bug fixes, documentation improvements, and PEP8 compliance - thanks to contributor Frederic Leger

Target Explorer

Website and Documentation