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TCF 1.2 DRAFT plan


We will be shooting for a TCF 1.2 version, ie keep API's compatible:

  • TCF protocol must remain 100% compatible with TCF 1.1 (it's part of the TCF value proposition)
  • TCF Java API must remain 100% binary compatible (we have clients coding against it)
  • TCF Python and C API should remain 100% compatible (we have clients but this is source compatibility so they can rebuild or use version checks)


  • TCF 1.2 shall release with Eclipse Luna in June 2014
  • We may want a TCF release earlier, then TCF 1.2 releases earlier and TCF 1.3 comes with Eclipse Luna

Proposed Themes

Finish ARM Debug Support for Linux ptrace

Interested Parties: Wind River

  • ARM is an important embedded architecture, TCF should provide good debug support
    • Single-stepping will need some code that involves parsing opcodes

Collaborate with Linux Distro Builders

Interested Parties: Wind River

  • For widespread adoption, a TCF agent should come out-of-the-box with Yocto, Buildroot, Raspbian and potentially other Linux distros.

Collaborate with gdb and Multicore Association

Interested Parties: Wind River, Xilinx

  • gdb is very strong thanks to its rich and well-known command-line and scripting support; but it has performance problems on multicore embedded systems since the "gdbserver" protocol is very limited. The gdb community is thinking about a new remote protocol. TCF seems to exactly match their needs. Collaboration should be considered.
  • The Multicore Association TIWG is working on a generic protocol for tooling. TCF seems to be a very good match for their needs. Continue exchange and collaboration.

Further Improve Usability

Interested Parties: Wind River

  • We'll want to further improve the out-of-box experience and usability for TCF-based products.
  • Add more HOWTO's and out-of-box documentation instructions like the Raspberry Pi HOWTO
  • Consider a pre-built package similar to the Buildroot Eclipse Tools Package
  • TCF is strong in language bindings and scripting. Provide more examples for how to use the TCF Python and Lua bindings.

Tracing and Profiling API's

Interested Parties: Freescale, Xilinx, WindRiver

  • There is interest from multiple parties in adding standardized tracing and profiling API's to TCF.

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